Exploring the human genius for peace; charting the violence that stifles it

Call for submissions

Welcome to The Irenaut, a magazine that aims to understand peace as an active principle—an energy—rather than a state defined in contradistinction to conflict or war.

Looking ahead to the Autumn issue, we’ll examine a question raised repeatedly in one form or another by psychologists, philosophers, anthropologists, and sociologists: When women occupy positions of (especially political) power, does the world become more peaceful? What is the evidence this has happened in the past? Can we observe it happening today? If so, will women continue to have an irenic influence when they are equally or even preponderantly represented among the world’s leaders?

We invite you, writers, poets, scholars, journalists, thinkers, and artists of every kind, to submit your thoughts on this topic.

How to make a submission:

While the impact of women on peace is the special focus of the Autumn issue, submissions on other topics will be considered on their own merits. The closing date for submitting a summary (up to 300 words) is 31st August 2024 and your full contribution should reach us by 20th September 2024. Please address any queries to Mark-Alec or Nick at [email protected].

For a fuller account of our guiding concepts, please request the essay “In search of an irenic force” at the email address above. Our autumn issue will be published in October 2024 on our own website and on Cairn.info, Cairn International, and Cairn-mundo.

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