Interview: Chat GTP – What AI has to say!

– ChatGPT & Mark-Alec Mellor
Many thinkers, from Pascal to Marx to Foucault, have called the idea of human nature into question. Is the concept of any use to us in our efforts to create a more peaceful world?…


– By Jack Parvid
Legs scissoring among spires of algae and mollusc-bedizened boulders, Sarah weaves, lithe and powerful, ahead of me…

A fishing trip

– By DM Fletcher
I woke up at around three. I lay for a while listening to the deep thrum of the ship’s engines. I suddenly thought that I could be lying in my own bed back in Carnassu: the vessel was slipping through the water with hardly a tremor…

Our complex global village 2035

– By Struan Mackenzie
Hi, I’m Jentzen Sarcofogi-Twayman, a neurodivergent project manager from the Sarcofogi School for the Terminally Gifted, and I’d like to talk to you today about what’s happened and why we did what we did….

Interview: Ever Giraldo Kuiru (Nóinui Jitóma)

– Ever Giraldo Kuiru (Nóinui Jitóma) & Mark-Alec Mellor
Muchos pensadores, desde Pascal a Marx a Foucault, han puesto en duda la idea de la naturaleza humana. ¿Tiene el concepto alguna utilidad para ayudar nuestros esfuerzos en la tarea de crear un mundo más pacífico?…